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Bow Wow Says "F*ck Bloggers" but yet he blogs, GNR!

Friday, July 24, 2009 , Posted by Ashton at 7/24/2009

Rapper, Actor, Performer, well...Bow Wow tweeted earlier today that he hates bloggers and he only likes the sites that contribute to him. First off, who cares, second, why are you even reading blogs, third, who cares? He talks so much about how he dislikes blogs, but he blogs about others on his twitter, GNR! The reason why I even took my time to talk about this is because Bow Wow is trying to go ham on the R&B chicks cutting their hair. Now am I the only one that thinks this is a cover up for him trying to talk about Ciara's new hair-do on the cool? Now Ciara didn't shave her head, but she did cut her hair. Bow Wow really needs to get over the fact that CiCi has moved on, GNR! His tweets are below...

If you just read the tweets he sends, you will understand that he really isnt doing anything but caring about what the next person says or does. Honestly I think Bow Wow is only so arrogant because he is really insecure, and that is your daily dose of good drama for today!

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