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Chris Brown - Reaches Out To Tell Rihanna & Everyone "He Is Sorry"

Monday, July 20, 2009 , Posted by Ashton at 7/20/2009

Chris Brown released his first public apology today, for his assault on Rihanna earlier this year. I feel Chris' apology, but did anyone else get the feeling that he was reading every word he said, I say this because it was kind of choppy and cut off. It just didnt seem organic to me, but I truly in my heart think that Chris is sorry for what he did!!!

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  1. Luiza says:

    oh come on! it doesn't seem like he means it! i'm pretty sure he's sorry too, but not for her. only because it was bad for his career. and this... this is marketing and public relations. next thing, he's gonna write a song telling how much he's sorry...

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