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Is Bow Wow trying to pull a Soulja Boy???

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 , Posted by Ashton at 7/07/2009

Now we all remember Soulja Boy's twitter breakdown earlier this month which seemed pretty real and organic, but now rapper Bow Wow is having a twitter breakdown??? Earlier today Bow Wow updated his twitter saying he's bored with life or whatever. Honestly I dont think its real because its really crazy how Bow Wow is having a breakdown soon after Soulja Boy's. Bow Wow has always seemed to try and do or find what's hot at the moment all the time, and it makes me think, is he trying to get attention. Bow Wow's twitter updates are below...

Bow Wow twitter updates:

Man I be gettn bored wit life. I wish I neva did and seen err thang so soon. I have nuffn to look forward 2. I'm down more than I am happy

in a dark place!


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