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Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010 , Posted by Ashton at 6/07/2010

Someone please tell me why Lil Kim is trying to diss Nicki Minaj. Lil Kim is a whole other generation and in my opinion it really makes her look bad for coming at Nicki the way she did. There has been videos and radio interviews circulating the web with Kim as she explains she is the "Creator" of the barbie movement and the different color dramatic wigs that Nicki trys to re-invent these days. I think that if anything Kim should be flattered that Nicki is re-incorporating something that she's already done because I believe that Nicki is just simply trying to keep the barbie movement alive. Kim needs to realize that she isn't as relevant as she use to be so it's time to pass the torch to the new-comers and let them do their thing. Also in these videos was Singer/Songwriter Ray J who had so much to say about Nicki's career as an artist when he has never had a career in music, but I digress. Nicki big-ups to you mama because I'm rolling with you so keep doing your thing, and Kim, stop the maddness. "What ever happened to female enpowerment???"

Click here to watch it all!!!

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